SolidRF-RV Cell Phone Signal Booster-Dual Interior Antennas-For ClassA/C, Conventional Trailer, Fifth Wheel|Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular|Enhance Your Cell Phone Signal Up to 100X|RVT

1.There are two benefits of placing the booster on the roof. The first is to minimize the loss in the cable transmission process from the outdoor antenna to the booster. This will double the maximum communication distance. You will also get better and faster data communication capabilities. The second benefit is that it saves installation space inside the RV. In addition to its own volume, Booster will take up a lot of space because of the actual situation of cable connection and power cord connection. The migration of the main equipment completely solved the problem. This is not easy, because it is necessary to solve the problems of water resistance and harsh natural ambient temperature changes.
2.Because of the limitation of the use conditions, the gain of the booster used in the RV cannot be too high. In this case, when the length of the RV is close to or exceeds 20 feet, one interior antenna cannot complete the full coverage. RV Travel is designed with two internal antennas to solve this problem perfectly. You can have cell phone signals in both the living area and the driver area.
3.Tru5 band technology is unique to solidrf. Because the downlink of the two bands Band12 and Band13 is physically connected. The products of other companies use an amplification link for processing. solidrf creatively uses two amplification links to amplify the signals in these two frequency bands. At present, only our products on the market will not cause the strong signal to suppress the weak signal amplification because the strength of the two frequency bands is different. RV often encounters this situation because it needs to move constantly. With our products, you will not encounter the situation where you cannot receive signals from your own base station in the distance because your position is close to a certain operator’s base station.

Dual-Interior Antenna Serves As A Complete, In-vehicle, Connectivity Solution Whether On The Road Or Stationary. Cover Two Areas Inside The RV. Both The Living Area And The Cab Have a Stable Signal Coverage Effect. Applicable For ClassA/C, Conventional Trailer, Fifth Wheel
Unique Tru5 Technology Separate Band12 And Band 13 Maximum Supportable Data Download/Upload Speed Up To 40Mbps For AT&T/T-mobile And Verizon The Same Time. Boosts Voice, Text And Data Signals The Same Time. Reliable Cell Signal And More Consistent Data Speeds, Faster Data Downloads. Perfect Cell Phone Signal Booster For RV Over 30 Feet. Enhance Signal Up To 100x (20dB). Multi User Concurrent: Smart Phone, Pad, Data Modem All Connected Directly Same Time
FCC Approved, Automatic Adjust System Gain And Power Level To Get The Best Communication Result. No Manual Intervention Needed. Easy Setup, All The Installation Could Be Done In One Hour By 2 People
With Better Receive Signal, The Cell Phone Will Reduce Output Power, This Can Significantly Reduce The Transmission Power Of The Mobile Phone And Reduce The Electromagnetic Radiation To The Human Body. At The Same Time, Improve The Standby Time Of Mobile Phone Batteries Up To 2 Hours Additional

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