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BEZGAR 9 Hobby Grade 1:12 Scale RC Trucks, 4WD High Speed 45 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Truck Vehicle Car with Rechargeable Battery for Boys and Adults

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rc truck

rc truck

rc truck

rc truck

rc truck

rc truck



Front & Rear Metal Oil Filled Shocks:

Oil filled aluminum damper shock absorbers is adopted in both rear and front. The damper springs result in a marvelous protection from collisions and a great increase on minimum safe dropping altitude, which allows the remote control truck to handle a lot better off road and many other terrains.


The ESC/Receiver can receive and process a great quantity of signals sent by the transmitter in a truly short period of time, and then transmitted to the servo. This has made a huge improvement on action delay, which almost reached the same level of response time as a RC drift car.

Full Metal Parts:

The new metal parts include Metal Diff. outdrive cups, Metal CVD drive shafts, Machined metal spur gear, Metal Diff. complete and Metal oil filled shocks. This change allows the truck to perform a longer period of play time without a break since that metal parts are more stable and no deformation will occur even after a long time of playing.

High Performance Tire:

Thermoplastic rubber and the specific tire thread allow the RC truck to have a better abrasive resistance and keep a better grip while racing. The tires and wheel hubs have been sealed together to prevent tire misalignment, and high thickness of the tire can withstand most landing without damaging the chassis.


2*Metal Shock Absorber

2*Rear Dog Bone

2*Front CVD Drive Shaft

1 *Batteries, 1* USB Charger,1* Battery Cover, 1*Car Shell, 4* Body Clips, 2* Oil Filled Shocks

1*USB Charger

15-LS08 (1×2)

2*Transmission Cup

2* Wheels, 1*Wrench, 1*Metal Front CVD Drive Shaft, 1*Metal Dear Dog Bone

1*Battery Cover

1*Metal Transmission Cup and the Screws of 15-LS08(1×2) +25-ZJ09(1×2)+25-WJ02(1×2)

rc truckrc truck


1. You can order spare replacement parts by searching the brand BEZGAR on Amazon and entering the store or search for the parts that you need according to the model number of the RC Truck. (e.g. BEZGAR Spare Parts)

2. Please feel free to contact the after-sales team via Amazon message, Email or Official website if you have any problem or question about our products.


Q: Some general questions about battery usage.

The red indicator light will be turned on and stays lit while the battery is charging, and the red indicator light will go off after the battery is fully charged. If the light flashes, it means that the battery cannot be charged and it may be over-discharged.

1) The battery is damaged due to over-discharge.

2) The battery and USB are not plugged in tightly.

3) The USB cable plug is loose. It is recommended to remove the battery during charging and please place it after charging to avoid battery damage due to over-discharge.

Q: What is the fault of the continuous flashing of the car lights after turning on the switch?

Firstly, make sure the battery of the RC truck and Transmitter are fully charged.

Secondly, turn on the RC truck first and then switch on the Transmitter to complete the frequency modulation.

Finally, unplug the ESC power socket and re-insert it. Please follow these three steps to eliminate the fault.

Q: Can I upgrade the battery capacity and motor power of the RC truck?

The factory setting has been adjusted to the best state, we do not recommend customer to upgrade the battery capacity which may cause motor overload. What is worse, high capacity battery with different voltage may has a great impact on life cycle of all the component parts such as the Electronic Speed Control / Receiver. Because all the parts, chassis frame and electronic components are adjusted to optimize its performance without sacrificing consecutive times of use.

Remote Control High-speed Off-road Truck Advanced Game Set Package Includes:

1 * RC Truck

1 * Rapid Charger

1 * User Manual

1 * Transmitter (Battery is included)

4 * Spare Body Clips

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * 7.4V 1500mAh LI-PO Batteries

【Front Light】The BEZGAR 9 RC Truck is equipped with a Headlight, which will be automatically turned on when the remote control truck is switched on and that makes the RC Truck even more realistic. To certain extent, the LED headlight can be used to determine the location of the RC Truck, and identify the heading direction of the RC Truck or even detect the terrain when there is insufficient light.
【PA Chassis and Reinforced Body Frame】The whole chassis of the remote-control truck is made of nylon which is synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide (PA) and nylon has many properties such as abrasive resistance, resistant to chemicals, elastic, insulativity etc. All these properties give the truck a better ability to reduce the impact caused by collisions that help to prolong its life cycle.
【Hobby Grade Brushed Motor】Equipped with a type 550 Brushed Motor which can perform 16000 revs per minute that generates a greater horsepower for the RC Truck. This has made a huge enhancement for the acceleration and it allows the remote control truck to have a top speed of 45 Km/h which give a greater competitiveness in drag race. However, please keep in mind that the speed differs in different terrains.
【IPX5 Level Waterproof Standard】The electronic speed controllers (ESC) / Receiver of this hobby grade RC truck has several protective functions such as Splash-proof, IPX5 Water resistance, over-current protection and battery low voltage cut off protective The truck can take water splashes from multiple directions and small puddles but not submersion. The RC truck will automatically power off if there is a submersion to any part, please dry it out then it will be fine .
【Road to Higher End Hobby Grade RC】This hobby grade RC truck is designed for Entry level and intermediate level users who want to move towards to advanced level hobbyist grade RC truck or just step out of the toy grade RC car. Given that the BEZGAR 9 has great durability, relatively low price, and considerably high speed with quick responsive servo. It is a very cost-effective way to develop this hobby with a lot of room to grow.

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